To optimise the production process, Yachtline 1618 o owns 30.000 m² of buildings located at the 4 sites of Bientina, Lugnano, Vicopisano and Genova.


Bientina is the headquarters, featuring wide spaces for offices, production, pre-assembly and logistics.

Lugnano e Vicopisano


The production site in Lugnano has broad spaces for the pre-assembly of thousands of square metres of furnishings.
The new Vicopisano headquarters develop into over 20,000 square meters.


For refit or services, Yachtline 1618 has a Joinery on the sea, equipped with berths in the heart of the Ship repair area of Genova, two steps from the historical centre.


Bientina is the company headquarters; heart and mind of Yachtline 1618.
Located in Tuscany, only 30 minutes from Pisa airport, and between Florence and Viareggio, it sits on a land rich in history, traditions and craftsmanship, in the cradle of the Tuscan savoir faire.
The spaces are knowledgeably set out to favour and optimise the production processes, avoiding losses of time while moving through the production, mock up assembly, painting, dispatch stages.
Bientina Heliport: 43°43’39.68″N 10°38’07.29″E

Constructive spaces

heliport & privacy
Beside the production areas, Yachtline 1618 has reserved spaces for the construction of the yacht’s mock up decks.
We are able to make real scale mock ups of every internal furnishing, as if it was on board, allowing the Client and their designers to carry out inspections and production check.

This area is connected with a private lift to the senior management spaces which host, in addition to offices and meeting rooms, a kitchen and dining room.

The Client is therefore free to enjoy all the project developments in utmost privacy and comfort.


The Lugnano workshop is located 10 minutes from the Bientina headquarters and it is equipped with broad spaces for technical, production and logistics departments.
Lugnano Heliport: 43°41’04.51”N 10°32’4.98”E


The new Vicopisano headquarters develop into over 20,000 square meters and will be operational within the year 2022.

Genoa Mooring: 44°24’23″N 8°55’11.0″E – VHF channel 11


The Genova production unit is situated within the Ship Repair area, in the heart of the Porto Antico.
This site is specilized on the refit market, with managers, technicians and woodworkers skilled in carrying out complex task in time and budget, keeping the high quality which distingueshes us.

The site is equipped with six serviced moorings and ample spaces for logistics, storage of materials and pre-assembly of furnishings.