GENESIS of the logo
The care and pursuit of perfection in every detail is also evident in the Yachtline 1618 logo, created by Sergio Bianco in his ‘Codici della Logogenesi’ or codes on the genesis of logos.
YACHTLINE1618 expresses the golden ratio, the relationship of balance and beauty present in Nature, in Mathematics and in the world of Art.
The Nautilus shell, with its logarithmic spiral, is a clear example of architectural perfection in direct contact with the sea.
The symbol is the symmetrical image of the shell in which the leap of the dolphin stands out.
The shell evokes beauty, protection, maximum comfort and the joy of perfect harmony.
The symbiosis with the dolphin confers the strength of uniqueness to the Symbol: that which is bespoke exclusivity.
The dolphin, represents the indissoluble bond between man and the sea.

The opening of the butterfly wings symbol widens the vision of the company towards the creation of interiors of earth, sky and sea and it is our wish for us and for our customers to fly together towards a prosperous future.

Logogenesi. Golden number 1,618

The golden ratio, made up of the numeric factor 1.618, is present in Art, Nature and Mathematics.
Botanically, the logarithmic spiral is found in the nautilus shell, the sunflower and in the pine cone.
In zoology, it is in the five points of the starfish While hunting, the falcon follows such a spiral to maintain maximum speed without loosing sight of its prey.
In all periods, this mathematical relationship has conferred perfect harmony to artistic and
architectural works.
In the Cheops pyramid, the Parthenon, in Bach fuguesand even in the Stradivarius violin, the application of this magic ratio is constant.
During the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci became interested in the golden ratio, illustrating the work of Luca Pacioli “The Divine Proportion”.
Late nineteen century, the golden ratio was used by the pointillist Seurat.
But the most decisive supporter of the golden ration, was Le Corbusier who, with the Modulor system, based the ideal proportion between man and his living surroundings on this numeric relationship.
The golden ratio is in the Fibonacci sequence, so called from the name of the mathematician who devised it.
The Fibonacci sequence is a recursive series in which each number, starting from the third, is equal to the sum of the two previous ones: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89…
The street where our headquarter is located is named after Leonardo Fibonacci, Pisan mathematician.