Turn-key process


The whole process is managed from the contractual agreement to the final delivery by Yachtline 1618, who takes full responsability for each phase.
A project manager is assigned to each project, overseeing timing and requests, firmly convinced that the professional, ethical and human understanding is always the basis of the most valuable, beneficial and satisfying work relationships.


and accessibility
Yachtline 1618 creates a synthesis between the architect’s design, the space available on board, and the systems provided by the yard, identifying solutions which are consistent with the project maximising the quality of the furnishings.
Thanks to the refined construction system of the Yachtline 1618 patents, all the components fitted on board are dismountable to allow accessibility, simplifying maintenance, and allowing for future integrations with other furnishing components.


Partitioning is the geometric soul of the net space.
Depending on the vessel’s classification, the partitioning is made in aluminium, steel or marine plywood, on which the internal walls will be fixed, thanks to the patented fixing system by Yachtline 1618.

The net space is outlined by CNC cut templates which the volumes of the furniture and of the systems: Information which will be necessary during the construction of the boat and which will be a guidance to the workforce on board.

Meantime, a copy of the template is used in the mock-up areas for proceeding with construction of the furnishings, at the same time as progress on board, optimising the final delivery times.


The CNC machines guarantee precision and perfection.
Yet, it is the hands of the craftsman who get to the heart of the project.
The secrets of burl and wood have deep roots: from observing the tree down to the studying the veins, the reflections and the chromatic effects.
Everything is looked after down to the smallest detail.
Technology and perfection
Yachtline 1618 Yachtline 1618 has the latest generation of CNC machines which follow each production phase and prepares the ground for the manual interventions of the specialized master craftsmen.

What is apparently invisible, for us represents the exclusivity and the luxury of an interior.


mirror of desires
The project is now real:on a 1:1 scale.
The mock-up of the interiors is completely fitted at Yachtline 1618 facilities. The client enjoys with the 5 senses the whole interior which had been conceived before it is fitted on board.

This production procedure, enforced for all areas and in all their components, allows to check the furniture together with the Client’s technicians reaching a fully satisfactory completion of the work, in compliance with contractual times and budgets.


Our painting systems guarantee absolute Quality while respecting the environment and the health of the workforce.
The coating, lacquering, sanding and polishing booths are of the latest generation and lead to excellent results.
Diamantell is our subsidiary company which operates in this delicate field.

Fitting on board

A perfect interior must be fitted in a perfect manner.
The fitting on board is certainly one of the most delicate phases, beginning from the straightness of the bulkheads, on which the finishing panels will be fitted with Fitlock®, up to the handling of the thousands of details which make the whole construction unique and unrepeatable.

The fitters are carefully selected and trained, they operate under the careful supervision of our managers and they are masters in solving the inevitable situations which arise on board, given the articulated and complex construction process which involves the yard and the system’s technicians.


Post-sale, identification codes
Our collaboration is not over with the delivery and the departure of the vessel
Yachtline 1618 has set up a team which is dedicated to support the client on any need related to the use of the interiors.

In this regard Yachtline 1618 developed a customized production system with a unique organization.

The “QR Code” of each individual component allows to make more efficient the fitting, to manage the thousands of components and, whenever it should be necessary, to minimize each on-board intervention throughout the life of the yacht.